Research Area Resource Flow Management

Wood is the most important renewable raw and construction material in Germany plus one of the most important energy source. When producing it, trees absorb carbon dioxide and store the carbon in it. That is the reason why we can contribute to climate protection when using wood. It is important to analyze material and energy flows through the whole life cycle of raw wood as well as from the various wood products and comparing them with other materials to evolve strategies for a more efficient and sustainable use of wood. Our working group resource flow management evaluates life-cycle assessment from national and international forestry, wood and construction industry in research projects and studies. These are provided for politics, society and practitioners so we can work together on the resource efficiency of wood.

Our research at a glance:

  • Life-cycle assessment of wood products
  • Sustainability assessment of regional material and energetic wood utilization
  • Development and improvement of simplified and user-friendly assessment tools
  • Harmonization and further development of assessment methodsSearch for strategies of sustainability for an efficient wood utilization
  • Search for strategies of sustainability for an efficient wood utilization