Prof. Aurélien Tellier receives the Ctibor Blattný Medal

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Prof. Aurélien Tellier, Professorship for Population Genetics (TUM), was awarded the Ctibor Blattný Medal at the occasion of the XXII congress of the Czech Society for Plant Protection in Brno celebrating the 200 years of Gregor Mendel’s birth. The medal is named after the Czech scientist Ctibor Blattný, a botanist, plant pathologist and entomologist.

Prof. Tellier at the award ceremony together with the other prize winners Prof. McDonald from ETH Zurich, Switzerland and Prof. Kosman from Tel Aviv University, Israel (Photo: Dr. Eva Hrudová, Mendel University)

Professor Tellier’s (b. 1979) area of research explores the evolutionary mechanisms of plant adaptation to their environment, taking into consideration aspects such as different climatic conditions and resistance against parasites (bacteria, fungi, insects). The primary focus of his research is the study of plant-parasite coevolution and long-term seed dor-mancy in the soil in wild tomato species endemic to South America. He develops popula-tion genetics theoretical models to comprehend genome evolution at the population or species level. He also focuses on empirical plant evolutionary genetics, using DNA se-quences and laboratory experiments to characterize the genes involved in these adapta-tions.

Professor Tellier studied agronomy, plant biology, genetics and statistics at ENITA  (Bor-deaux, France) and population genetics at INAPG (Paris, France). After having obtained his doctorate at the John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK) in 2007, he spent five years as a postdoctoral research fellow at LMU Munich supported by a grant from the Volkswagen Foundation and the German Research Foundation, DFG. In 2012, he assumed the posi-tion of associate professor of population genetics at TUM.

Prof. Tellier is a member of the World Agricultural Systems Center - Hans-Eisenmann-Forum (HEF) for Agricultural Sciences, an institute of the TUM.

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