Successful trial day for prospective students

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A first insight into research and lots of information about the bachelor's degree programs at the Technical University of Munich - that's what the more than 300 participants got at the TUM OPEN CAMPUS, which took place last Friday, March 24, at the Freising Campus in Weihenstephan. Many parents also came to find out what was on offer and took advantage of the numerous guided tours and hands-on activities to gain an insight into the diversity of research on campus.

Prospective students participate in a program item
Study to touch and try out (Picture: Torsten Neumann Photographie)
Prof. Geist shows a cancer
Prof. Geist fishes a crayfish out of the Moosach river in Freising (Picture: Torsten Neumann Photographie)

From a guided tour through the landscape building to the production of mint tablets and the many information booths in the foyer of the Central Lecture Hall Building - the visitors of the TUM OPEN CAMPUS were offered a diverse program with more than 30 program points. Prospective students were to find out about the bachelor's degree programs and at the same time gain a first insight into the research topics on campus. In addition to the 300 people who had originally registered, there were probably also a few spontaneous visitors, so that the speakers were able to enjoy full lecture halls for their presentations.

Despite a longer walk, the guided tour of Prof. Jürgen Geist, head of the Department of Aquatic Systems Biology, was one of the program highlights. Prof. Geist retrieved quite a few creatures from the Moosach in Freising and explained who the so-called "aliens in domestic waters" are - for example, fish that have been released from aquariums and then multiply in the Moosach, sometimes to a great extent. The visitors were also able to look at and touch various species of mussels.

Despite strong gusts of wind, some interested people who were free from giddiness took the opportunity to view the campus grounds from above. Dr. Marvin Lüpke, a member of staff at the Chair of Ecoclimatology, showed the climate station on the roof of the forestry building and explained the measurement methods used to record climate data in the past and today. Over coffee and cake, the proceeds of which go to the School's student representatives, the visitors were able to warm up and digest their impressions.

The next opportunity to visit the campus will be on Saturday, May 6, 2023 for the Farmvision Festival, a public event with many new and innovative impressions of agriculture and agricultural research.

The next event for prospective students will be May 3 and 4, 2023, at the Vocatium career fair for education and studies in Munich, where the TUM School of Life Sciences will also be represented.

Susanne Neumann
TUM School of Life Sciences
Press and Public Relations