Research Department Life Science Engineering

The Research Department of Life Science Engineering (LSE) combines engineering, natural and life science expertise. We are dealing with questions regarding value-added systems in the agricultural and food sector as well as in the forestry and timber industry.

The research is focused on (reverse) engineering approaches in food production, biotechnological solutions for the bio-economy, additive and biomaterial-based manufacturing strategies (TUM.Additive), precision agriculture, development of intelligent machines for agriculture and digitization of value chains (Industry 4.0).

Department Head

Prof. Dr. Mirjana Minceva

Professorship for Biothermodynamics

Tel. +49 8161 71 6168

Research Focus Areas

Agricultural Engineering

Smart Food Processing

Insights into our research

Alternative Proteins

Research along the entire food value chain for a new sustainable nutrition.

Preparing wood for new challenges

Prof. Klaus Richter explains future directions in wood research

How fungi are becoming the future

Fungal biotechnology as a driver of innovation for a biobased economy

Vertical Farming: Agriculture of the future

Growing wheat regardless of weather and climate in the future?

Certificate Programs for Professionals

Together with the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, we offer a wide range of scientifically based Certificate programs for the lifelong education of leaders and professionals from science, business and society at all stages of their career. Our lecturers combine the latest research results from the School of Life Sciences and other Chairs of the Technical University of Munich with the latest findings from practice.

Infrastructure & Equipment of the Department

Chair of Process Engineering (Prof. Briesen)

  • µ-computed tomography (1 µm resolution)
  • µCT / Matrix Technologies GmbH
  • non-destructive measurement of internal structures

Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology
(Prof. Becker)

  • the first digital, flexible, customized beverage production line

Associate Professorship of Biothermodynamics (Prof. Minceva)

  • batch, semi continuous and continuous separations
  • capacity: 10-100 g/day
  • process development: 2-4 weeks
  • producer: Gilsion Inc., USA (former Armen Instruments, France)

Chair of Wood Science (Prof. Benz / Dr. Sanchez-Ferrer)

  • GOM GmbH & Aramis Software

DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Chair of Process Systems Engineering (Prof. Briesen / Prof. Först)

  • MCR 702 e Anton Paar
  • measurement of mechanical properties of liquid, soft and solid food
  • torque resolution 10-9 Nm
  • minimal displacement 0,01 µm
  • low temperature option
  • tribocell
  • powder flow cell and interfacial rheometry

Confocal Laser Microscope

Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology (Prof. Becker / Frau Brandner)

  • fluorescence imaging
  • non-destructive analysis of polymer transitions
  • heating capability
  • combined with image analysis