The Proteomes that Feed the World

Plants represent the nutritional basis of virtually all life on earth and protein-rich foods from crop plants are a global megatrend essential for sustaining an increasing human population and counteracting climate change. While the genomes of crops are increasingly elucidated, little is known about crop proteomes – the entirety of proteins that execute and control nearly every aspect of life. Therefore, we have launched a visionary initiative with enormous socio-economic relevance on the topic of “The Proteomes that Feed the World”. The proposed international doctoral program LRTN360 (360° leadership research-training network) will turn this vision into reality.

Twelve scientists from the TUM School of Life Sciences (TUM SoLS) with leading expertise in the fields of plant biology, proteomics and bioinformatics form the team of core PIs (the crop proteome engine), most of whom have joint research projects and publications. Beyond, we have built a large and growing network of excellent (inter)national partners who are highly committed to supporting the project. The fuel powering the crop proteome engine is the plant material of the 100 most important crops for human nutrition.