TUM School of Life Sciences

The Technical University of Munich has concentrated its expertise in life sciences in the TUM School of Life Sciences at the modern Weihenstephan campus in Freising. From molecules to plants and animals to ecosystems and landscapes - life sciences are explored and taught under the motto “One Health”:

  • Molecular Life Sciences
  • Life Science Systems and
  • Life Science Engineering.

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Researchers at TUM have so far been able to acquire a total of 182 of the highly endowed ERC grants. These are awarded each year in various…

Without barley, hops and yeast, there is no beer. Brewing specialist Dr. Martin Zarnkow and beverage microbiologist Dr. Mathias Hutzler believe that a…

How can physicians help patients suffering from mental health disorders like chronic pain, depression and stroke? An interdisciplinary team of…

Trees provide us with shade, produce oxygen and are very important for a healthy urban climate. However, they can also pose dangers if they are…

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