Brewing with degree Master brewer ('Diplombraumeister')

Is practical work the most important thing for you when it comes to studying? The traditional and unique degree course in brewing prepares you perfectly for your future in the beer and beverage industry. Right from the start, the focus is on professional practice and brewing technology. Your previous training as a brewer and maltster or a 15-month professional internship will serve as a basis. At the TUM Campus Weihenstephan, you will learn not only the fundamentals of natural science but also everything about the technical, technological and biological processes of beer and beverage production. Start your study program to become a master brewer now.

Studying Brewing with degree Master brewer successfully: What can you expect?

Type of study: full time

Standard period of study, credits : 7 semesters, 210 ECTS

Start of degree program: winter semester

Admission category: unrestricted admission

Language of instruction:  German

Main location: Freising-Weihenstephan (Greater Munich area)

Tuition fees: none (information about the semester fee)

When studying to become a certified master brewer, the focus is on professional practice and brewing technology from the very beginning. For this reason, special attention is paid to the technical, technological and biological processes of beer production and beverage manufacturing. In addition to the basic competences of brewing and beverage technology, you will also deal with process engineering and biochemistry. To round off your profile and make it holistic, you will learn how to assess raw materials, optimize relevant production steps and implement quality assurance systems. A further aspect of the course is product development, which is becoming increasingly important.

In our fast-moving consumer society, your innovative spirit is in demand. In order to be able to guarantee high-quality new products, you need to be able to control the product properties analytically and through sensory testing, which you will learn with us, along with business management knowledge. After your academic training as a certified master brewer, you will be well prepared for the job market.

Master brewers from Weihenstephan are in demand worldwide! Due to the strong practical orientation together with the scientific background of the course, you will be a sought-after all-rounder on the job market after graduation. In addition to the beer and beverage industry, the food and chemical industries are also an option for you. Whether in quality assurance, industrial engineering or purchasing of raw materials – your studies will put you in a good position in all areas. You will also find jobs as a production manager, plant inspector or technical director.

Still not had enough of studying? Within two additional semesters, you can attain a Bachelor's degree in the related TUM degree program "Brewing and Beverage Technology" and thus open up a wide range of opportunities for further qualification up to a Master's degree or doctorate.

The first two semesters are reserved for your professional internship. Your brewery internship lasts 64 weeks – 52 weeks of which must be completed within the first two semesters. Alternatively, a successfully completed apprenticeship will allow you to be recognized as a "Brewer and Maltster".

In the third semester, you will take your preliminary diploma examination, which focuses on essential training in biology, chemistry, physics and beverage technology. Biology and chemistry lay the foundation for the fields of microbiology and yeast technology. The fields of physics and later mathematics form the foundation for the engineering specialization in plant construction as well as process and control engineering.

From the fourth semester onwards, technical specialization takes place in the field of brewing and food technology. In addition to engineering fundamentals, you will acquire practical analytical methods in various laboratory internships. Within the scope of your diploma thesis in the seventh semester, you will learn how to handle scientific working methods and thus complete your studies.

Interested? Take a look at the curriculum right away.

The focus of your studies is on practice-oriented brewing and beverage technology. However, in order to acquire the core competences of this field, you will need a fundamental knowledge of natural sciences and engineering. As a graduate of the degree program in brewing you can fall back on both and are therefore perfectly prepared for your professional future. Your knowledge enables you to uncover connections and apply them in a solution-oriented way. You can give free rein to your innovative spirit in the production of new beverages, evaluate products microbiologically, chemically-technically and through sensory testing, as well as monitor brewing processes. In addition, you will have learned to apply various fermentation technologies and to calculate and assess the economic efficiency of beverage production processes.

In addition, you will have already gained valuable work experience through your professional internship or training.

The degree program has an ISCED 645 classification. Admission to the degree program is possible with a university entrance qualification or a university of applied science entrance qualification; a corresponding regulation can be found in the Bavarian Higher Education Act. With the "Diplom-Braumeister" degree, direct admission to the bachelor's degree program in Brewing and Beverage Technology can be achieved without the need for a general university entrance qualification (Abitur). This ensures permeability at all university levels, as the consecutive master's degree program can be taken up after completion of the bachelor's degree, thus enabling students to pursue an academic career that could even lead to a doctorate.

During the application period you can easily apply for a place in the winter semester via the application portal TUMonline. You simply need to upload your documents for admission to the degree Master brewer ('Diplombraumeister') in Brewing directly on the portal.

Prerequisite for the studies is the advanced technical college entrance qualification, the subject-related higher education entrance qualification or a professional qualification. There are no other admission restrictions; the study program is admission-free.

If you are subsequently admitted, you must submit a few certified hard copies for enrollment.

Please note that you must complete a 64-week practical training as part of your studies. Of this, 52 weeks must be completed during the first two semesters of study.

Discover our traditional study program in brewing with a degree as Diplom-Braumeister

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  • Curriculum
  • Timetable (TUM ID required for login):
    This timetable is intended to give you an overview of the planned compulsory and elective modules of a semester. It is for orientation purposes only and will not be updated during the semester! 

    Via TUMonline you can have a timetable created for each semester according to FSPO.

    You can also create your own individual timetable, which can contain not only the dates of the selected courses, but also your personal appointments.

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  • Board of Examination
    The board of examination is a committee consisting of university professors and lecturers of the degree program. The chairperson of the board of examination of your degree program is Prof. Dr. Ing. Thomas Becker. Applications to the board of examination are received by the secretary and submitted to the board of examination for decision. You can reach the secretary by sending an email to[at]


A professional practical training or a professional internship of at least 52 weeks is obligatory as a study achievement in this program.

For the first semester of attendance (= 3rd FS) a minimum of 52 weeks of work experience must be proven.

Please send us your internship/training certificate early, but no later than 31.10. of the current year to praktikum.sfbl[at] - even if you had already submitted it with your application. Please note that the job reference cannot be handed in personally. As soon as we have received the certificate, you will receive an automatic confirmation from us that we have received the documents. Pay attention: This is not the same as recognition of the internship/training. The processing may take some time. Please be patient and refrain from asking about the status of your application. We will confirm the recognition separately as soon as the documents have been processed. You can also check the status in your TUMonline account (marked with a green P).


Guideline for the recognition of field trips in the study areas of brewing and beverage technology, food technology and bioprocess technology. (FPSO versions 2011, 2014, 2019, 2020)

Field trips organized by chairs of the TUM School of Life Sciences do not require any proof and are directly accredited in TUMonline. In addition to excursions organized by chairs of the TUM, there are numerous possibilities to collect the four excursion days required for your studies. Excursions organized by alumni associations, fraternities, student working groups, but also private excursions organized by students are conceivable. The following is a brief overview of the rules that must be observed in order for a student-organized excursion to be considered as such.

A field trip must meet the following criteria to be considered a field trip day:

  • Duration of at least 4 hours for full field trip days, at least 2 hours for half field trip days.
  • Allow in-depth, course-specific, technical insight into one or more plant(s), process(es), and/or process techniques that go beyond a mere process overview. In addition to plant tours, supervised by technically responsible personnel, this includes, but is not limited to, trade shows relevant to the course of study.
  • An individual proof of participation in the excursion is to be provided by each student, which clearly proves that the student participated in the excursion and processed contents of the excursion day mentally independently. The evidence must indicate a contact who can be reached and who can confirm that the excursion was carried out if asked. This can be, among other things, business cards of stand personnel of visited stands or simply a proof printed on company stationery with a meaningful signature.

No field trip days will be recognized for:

  • Conferences, extra-curricular and university seminars, workshops (which are not coupled with a company visit).
  • consumer fairs
  • Professional internships/vocational training/work-study internships/research internships

Classic evidence can be:

  • Report (3500-4000 characters excluding spaces, plus visuals and attachments) on the course and content of the field trip. (If several students participate in the same private excursion, separate reports for each participating student should explain different excursion focuses in more detail (e.g. outline different projects/production features of a company and/or company profiles, which goes beyond the mere compilation of promotional materials).
  • Personalized admission ticket at trade shows, with brief report and proof pictures to prove that you were there.
  • Confirmation of the staff leading the excursion/stand personnel with contents of the excursion and personal signature of the company visited.

All proofs, for all missing excursion days are to be submitted in one PDF after completion of the last required excursion by e-mail to

The naming of the PDF should follow the scheme:


e.g.: Doe_John_037*****_#_Exkursionstage.pdf

Corona-related exceptions:

In semesters in which automatic deadline extensions have been granted in accordance with Art. 99 Para. 2 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) (information on this can be found at:, the following exceptions also apply in deviation from the above regulations:

  • Conferences, extracurricular seminars, workshops (also digital) are eligible for recognition, provided that a subject-related reference is given and the other criteria for excursions are met.

The Weihenstephan Internship Office can offer further information and support in your search for internship companies.

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