Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

Does the idea of contributing to people's health inspire you? How about changing the pharmaceutical industry with innovative processes, or combining natural sciences and engineering? With the Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering program, which is unique in Germany, you will not only learn to be an outstanding process engineer, you will also gain the basic biotechnological knowledge required to analyze and improve molecular and cellular processes, process active biotechnological substances into drugs, optimize production methods, and develop new concepts in plant engineering. Redesign the biotechnological, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry – with a Bioprocess Engineering program at the TUM!

Studying Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering successfully: What can you expect?

Type of study: full time

Standard period of study, credits : 6 semesters, 180 ECTS

Start of degree program: winter semester

Admission category: unrestricted admission

Language of instruction:  German

Main location: Freising-Weihenstephan (Greater Munich area)

Tuition fees: none (information about the semester fee)

The Bachelor's program in Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering combines the natural sciences, engineering and economics and thus opens up a broad spectrum of roles. Knowledge from biology and biochemistry is increasingly being used for industrial production processes. Nature's capacity for synthesis is endless. Make use of this potential and develop innovative processes that are gentler on products and more environmentally friendly than chemical processes. In addition, many active substances of the human body, such as insulin, cannot be produced chemically, but only biotechnologically.

As a future expert, you will not only be distinguished by your knowledge in the fields of biotechnology, process engineering, and process automation but above all by your understanding of systems to meet the special requirements of drug production. So join us in the development of microorganisms that are used to produce biotechnological products, learn analytical methods for process monitoring and design concepts for new production plants.

Pharmaceutical bioprocess technology is a young, innovative key technology of the 21st century. Take advantage of the potential growth and the increasing economic importance of this industry for your future.

Research and develop new manufacturing processes, monitor the quality of medicines, plan production facilities, or be responsible for organizing the operating technology – your possible fields of activity are diverse. As a bioprocess technician, you will find jobs in these areas, particularly in the biotechnological, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in plant engineering.

Still not had enough of studying? The majority of students continue their studies after their Bachelor's program with a Master's program in Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering.

At the beginning of the course of study, the focus is on the basics of natural sciences, covering the areas of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Later on, biology and chemistry will educate you in the fields of microbiology and biochemistry. Physics and mathematics form the foundation for a specialization in the engineering sciences.

From the 3rd semester onwards, you will begin to specialize: In modules such as Pharmacology and Toxicology or Molecular Biotechnology you will learn about the mechanisms and effects of drugs. You will then link this knowledge with areas such as bioprocess engineering or packaging technology since you know that technical processes can also affect biological systems. To be able to adapt processes or plants accordingly, you will need expertise in the fields of technical mechanics, fluid mechanics, and apparatus engineering. The laboratory internships will allow you to investigate various questions for yourself.

In the elective area, you have the opportunity to build your profile according to your interests and to follow your talents.

At the end of your studies, you will immerse yourself in your first scientific work and write your Bachelor's thesis.

A further part of your studies is the 6 weeks of work experience, during which you can gain a first insight into the professional field of bioprocess technicians.

Interested? Just take a look at an exemplary curriculum!

The course focuses on pharmaceutical bioprocess technology on the one hand and engineering sciences on the other. Both areas are continuously enhanced and interlinked during the course – biotechnological matter is viewed in the context of real processes. After your studies, you will be able to design biotechnological plants, monitor production processes, ensure the quality of products, produce and analyze biotechnological products, and produce common pharmaceutical substances. Besides, you will be able to work safely and scientifically correctly in the laboratory, know pharmaceutical technologies, and be able to take measures for product safety.

Nobody will be able to mislead you at any level of pharmaceutical bioprocess technology after your studies.

During the application period you can easily apply for a place in the winter semester via the application portal TUMonline. You can upload your documents for the admission to the Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering course directly on the portal.

Prerequisite for admission is the general qualification for university entrance or a comparable qualification. There are no other admission restrictions; the course of study is admission-free.

When you receive the admission, you will have to submit a few certified hard copies for enrollment.

A pre-study internship before the start of the course is not required for admission. For the successful completion of your studies, however, you must complete 6 weeks of internships.

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