Academic career & funding

The promotion of equal opportunities for young scientists is an important concern of the TUM School of Life Sciences. An overview of the current programs in the area of Gender & Diversity can be found here:

The TUM School of Life Sciences has launched a new program to promote equal opportunities for young female scientists by providing financial support for bridging maternity leave/ employment prohibition periods.

  • Funding of replacement staff to compensate for pregnancy, especially in cases of employment bans. Funding is provided for young female scientists in qualification phases (habilitation/postdoc/doctorate).
  • Alternative funding from equal opportunity funds of DFG-funded research associations (SFBs, etc.) should be excluded.
  • Preference should be given to employing research assistants or TAs as replacements with a maximum of 50% of the working time (e.g. top-up).

Please submit an informal request with a meaningful justification to Daniela Röder.

Application content: brief justification and indication of the activities to be performed by the substitute (min. 1/2 page); indication whether maternity leave and/or employment ban; indication that funding by the DFG (SFBs etc.) is excluded.

The TUM School of Life Sciences would like to support parents to take part in scientific conferences. The school covers costs of up to 500 €, for example for childcare offered at the conference or additional costs at home.

Please clarify with Daniela Röder whether your costs can be covered.

The TUM School of Life Sciences would like to increase the proportion of female professors in the area of honorary professorships.

Proposals for suitable female candidates by LS professors will therefore be incentivized with 5000,-€ upon successful appointment. For suggestions or information please contact Daniela Röder.

You can invite renowned female guest scientists as "role models" to selected lectures within the framework of existing seminars or seminar series. Parts of the travel and subsistence costs (up to a maximum of € 500) will be covered by the TUM School of Life Sciences.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Invitation of a renowned scientist for a seminar talk.
  2. Schedule an approx. one-hour round of talks with the speaker.
  3. Inform Daniela Röder at least 4 weeks in advance.
  4. After the lecture, the hosts will send the invoices for reimbursement and a short report to Daniela Röder.

Supporting studies, work and family has a high priority.

For children of different ages the following childcare options are available on or near the campus:

  1. Krabbelstube Weihenstephan: 12 places for children under 3 years
  2. Kindervilla Dr. Gudula Wernekke-Rastetter: 25 places for children under 3 years (two groups)
  3. Kinder(t)räume Weihenstephan: 30 places for children between 2 and 6 Jahren (two groups)
  4. Großtagespflege Freising "Glückskinder“: 3 places for children from 0 to approx. 3 years, additional "emergency place" for temporary care, e.g. of guest children (possibly also older than 3 years)
  5. TUM Kinderhort Weihenstephan: 17 places for children between 6 and 12 years
  6. Customized childcare, emergency care: babysitter service

The TUM Family Service also offers a wide range of measures to support caring for relatives.

See also: consultation of female students in case of pregnancy