In some courses of study you have to be able to show some days of excursion for a successful completion. But how do you get to these? Where do you have to register? And what offers are there?

In most departments there are interesting trade fair visits that are organised and which you can have credited as an excursion day. For example, you can visit the BrauBeviale, the Agritechnica or the Grüne Woche in Berlin. In addition, there are often excursions to dairies, various companies in the field of life science or to areas of scenic interest. Excursions are also included in some courses, but they usually cannot be credited as a separate excursion day.

During the Whitsun excursion week, which takes place during the summer semester, students can go further afield - on the trail of agriculture in Ecuador, Spain or Russia or learn interesting facts about food and beverage production on a tour across Germany.

The excursions are usually organized by the chairs or other institutions (VWU, Student Representative Bodies etc.), but don't worry, you will be informed by mail.

Excursions around the world

In the picture gallery you can click through a few impressions of our excursions