Exam dates and registration

The examination period at the TUM School of Life Sciences is usually two weeks after the end of lectures and two weeks before lectures start in the following semester.

The generally valid examination periods of the winter term 2022/23 are:
13.02. - 24.02.2023
03.04. - 14.04.2023

The generally valid examination periods of the summer term 2023 are:
24.07. - 04.08.2023
02.10. - 13.10.2023

Different time periods may apply for the study programmes Sustainable Resource Management, Forestry and Resource Management and Forestry and Wood Science. Please check TUMonline for your examination dates.

The individual examination dates are published in the campus management system TUMonline.

For the individual examinations and repeat examinations, you usually must register or deregister yourself, if you decide not to take an examination. You can only register and deregister via TUMonline. How this works is explained in this video.

Please note that there is a fixed registration and deregistration period per exam in TUMonline. This period is also displayed in TUMonline at the corresponding exam information. If you have not registered within this period, you are not entitled to take the exam.

Exception: If you are enrolled in a Bachelor program with basic and orientation exams (GOP), you will be automatically registered for all GOP exams of the respective semester in accordance with your FPSO. An independent registration is not necessary for GOP exams.
Nevertheless, please check whether you have been registered correctly for all examinations.

Withdrawal from examination

If you are unable to attend an examination, the examiners will initially enter "5.0 - did not attend" as your grade. In this case, you must immediately submit a written withdrawal request to the Campus Office (not to the Graduation Office and Academic Records and not to the examiner themselves). Your request will then be forwarded to the examination board of your study program. If your request is approved, your grade will be changed to "Q - withdrawn for approved reasons". This process usually takes about 4 weeks.
In the withdrawal request you have to explain why you were not able to take the exam. In addition you have to enclose proof, for example a medical certificate. This must be based on a medical check-up that took place on the day you want to claim the inability to take the exam. Please note the information in the application and the legal regulations in § 13 Abs. 2 ADPO or § 10 Abs. 7 APSO.

Please send the (electronically) completed and signed form by mail to: withdrawal.co@ls.tum.de

Please keep the original certificate. In individual cases, we reserve the right to request it. 

Prolongation and Suspension of Deadline for Credit Limits

Applications for prolongation/suspension

Please always submit only after consultation with the student advisory service.

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