Newly Appointed Professors

Excellent scientists research and teach at the TUM School of Life Sciences, and new colleagues join them every year. In short video portraits, the newly appointed professors introduce themselves and their research focus.

You are newly appointed at the TUM School of Life Sciences? Here you will find all the important information and contact persons to help you get started.

Prof. Dr. Nadia Kamal

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Senf

Appointees in 2023

Prof. Dr. Markus List

Prof. Dr. Romana Gerner

Prof. Dr. Melanie Schirmer

Prof. Dr. Ute Weisz

Prof. Dr. Livia Cabernard

Prof. Dr. Antonella Di Pizio

Prof. Dr. Michael Schloter

Prof. Dr. Corinna Dawid

Prof. Dr. Mutez Ali Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Mariana Rufino

Prof. Dr. Friederike Ebner

Appointees in 2022

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Först

Prof. Dr. Mohsen Zare

Prof. Dr. Stephen Schrettl

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marius Henkel

Prof. Ph.D. Julijana Gjorgjieva

Prof. Dr. Julia Steinhoff-Wagner

Prof. Dr. Li Deng

Appointees in 2021

Prof. Dr. Mathias Wilhelm

Appointees in 2020

Prof. Dr. Senthold Asseng

Prof. Dr. Monika Egerer

Prof. Dr. Kang Yu

Prof. Dr. Peter Annighöfer

Prof. Dr. Patrick Bienert