Research Department Molecular Life Sciences

The Research Department of Molecular Life Sciences (MLS) is devoted to fundamental biomolecular research. The research is conducted at different levels – from molecules, including the genetic substance, to cells and organisms. In this manner, all biological systems are addressed: microorganisms, plants and animals, including humans. The Department of Molecular Life Sciences (MLS) therefore covers, among others, the areas of genetics, protein science, microbiology, biotechnology of plants and animals as well as nutritional science and human biology.

Department Head

Prof. Dr. Arne Skerra

Chair of Biological Chemistry

Tel. +49 8161 71 4350

The BayKlimaFit project network

BayKlimaFit 2

The BayKlimaFit 2 project network is conducting research in the field of "Strong plants mitigating the impact of climate change".

BayKlimaFit 1

Adaptation strategies of crops to climate change were already researched in the BayKlimaFit 1 project network.