Collaborative Research Projects

At the TUM School of Life Sciences, research is conducted in a variety of projects in the spirit of "One Health" in order to secure the foundations of healthy life and to sustainably shape the coexistence of humankind.

The Collaborative Research Centers CRC 924 and CRC 1371, which are headed by the School, as well as the Transregios TRR 333 and TRR 356 with TUM participation play a leading role in basic research. These projects, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), make it possible to work on innovative, demanding, elaborate and long-term research projects. In addition, the scientists of the School of Life Sciences are very successfully involved in the acquisition of ERC Grants of the European Research Council as well as in other large-scale projects.

Collaborative Research Centers coordinated by TUM

Collaborative Research Centers with TUM participation

TRR 356: Genetic Diversity Shaping Biotic Interactions of Plants (PlantMicrobe)


Researchers of the TUM School of Life Sciences are represented in all three ERC funding categories.