For fairs, lectures or other events, we have helpful equipment in the Campus Office, which you can borrow as a chair, student body, or student. These are a personal guidance system. The loan is free of charge, but should be limited to one day if possible.

Passenger guidance system

We are happy to provide you with personal guidance equipment from the company MEDER CommTech. In total there are 2 microphones and 50 receivers, which can be divided among the microphones as desired. When the batteries are fully charged, the maximum operating time is about 30 hours.

If you are interested in borrowing the equipment, please send a mail to

Book more devices

Whether CNC milling machine, laser cutter or 3D printer - in the Student-MakerSpace in Weihenstephan, students, doctoral candidates, staff and employees of the TUM have access to the latest production technologies and software.
The equipment is booked via an in-house booking system after successful instruction in the respective device.