Research Seminar Food Chemistry and Food Quality

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The event offers doctoral students, postdocs, post-doctoral researchers and master's students from the food chemistry/analytics working groups at TUM and the University of Bayreuth as well as the Leibniz Institute of Food Systems Biology at TUM a platform for presenting their results in the form of lectures.

Gemeinsames Forschungsseminar zwischen der TUM, der UBT und dem LSB@TUM
  • Broad spectrum of current research areas in food chemistry at the Weihenstephan and Kulmbach Campus, from molecular sensory, methodological up to toxicological aspects.
  • Mutual knowledge of the fields of work and interest as well as the stimulating and uncomplicated atmosphere are intended to promote discussions and cooperation between the various working groups.
  • Speakers from research or industry who give an exciting overview of current research and development within the different food chemistry focus areas.
Organisation: Chair of Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensory Analysis (TUM), Chair of Analytical Food Chemistry (TUM) , Professorship of Biotechnology of Natural Products (TUM) , Professorship of Functional Phytometabolomics (TUM) , Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich (LSB) , Chair of Bioanalytics and Food Analysis (UBT), Professorship for Food Metabolome (UBT)
Location:    HS12; only the presentations from Bayreuth can be followed online via Zoom
Date:  :   Every Monday during the semester (SoSe/WiSe) from 16:00-17:30 hrs.
Language: Englisch
Status:  Registration for non-TUM-LSB-UBT members (see above) at:


Sponsored by the Graduate Center of Life Sciences



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Lecture by


Mo. 30.10.2023

Gast (Uni Braunschweig)

PD Dr. Gerold Jerz


The versatile all-liquid chromatography tool-box for lab-scale natural product isolation - from past to modern era

Mo. 06.11.2023

AK Steinhaus (LSB@TUM)

Xingjie Wang

Key odorants in Muscaris and Muskateller grapes

Mo. 13.11.2023

AK Rychlik (TUM)

Fabian Dick

Multimycotoxin analysis of cereals and milk alternatives

Mo. 20.11.2023


Guest (Uni Kiel)

Prof. Dr. Manuel Liebeke


Mo. 27.11.2023


AK Baldermann (UBT)

Maria Fitzner

Cultivation of selected halophytes and modulation of growth conditions to optimize metabolite profiles for human nutrition


Mo. 04.12.2023

AK Römpp (UBT)

Oliver Wittek

Method development for mass spectrometry imaging of (processed) food

Mo. 11.12.2023

AK Schwab (TUM)

Martha Wulanjati


Substrate promiscuity of malonyltransferases from Fragaria x ananassa


Mo. 08.01.2024

AK Behrens

Praveen Kumar

Investigating bitter taste receptor trafficking in living mammalian cells

Do. 18.01.2024

im HS2


Prof. Dr. Pischetsrieder (FAU Erlangen)

Peptide fingerprints of food: Implications for quality, bioactivity and authenticity control

Mo. 22.01.2024

AK Krautwurst (LSB@TUM)

Dr. Franziska Haag

Petrol note in Riesling – 1,1,6-trimethyl-1,2-dihydronaphthalene (TDN) selectively activates human odorant receptor OR8H1

Mo. 29.01.2024

AK Dawid (TUM)

Lisa Kurzweil

Metabolome alterartions in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) induced by Bipolaris sorokiniana

Mo. 05.02.2024

AK Rychlik (TUM)

Simone Jahner

Structure and occurrence of glycosylated B6 vitamers