Dr. Uta Raeder receives the Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal

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At the TUM Awards Dinner, the Presidential Board of the Technical University of Munich awarded the Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal to Dr. Uta Raeder, Deputy Director of the Limnological Station Iffeldorf. Dr. Raeder was honored for her "outstanding achievements in the establishment and operation of the Limnological Station Iffeldorf and her extra-curricular commitment to research and teaching".

Handover of certificates by TUM Kanzler Berger
The Chancellor of TUM, Albert Berger, presented the certificate to Dr. Uta Raeder.

Uta Raeder studied biology and chemistry at LMU and began her dissertation at the Limnological Station Iffeldorf (LSI) at TUM in 1986, which she completed with distinction in 1990. She then worked continuously at the LSI. She has been Deputy Director of the LSI since 1993 and Academic Director since 2008. Uta Raeder has been involved in the development of the LSI and the content of teaching and research from the very beginning. She designed and ran numerous courses, which was particularly close to her heart, and she supervised over 100 theses and 16 doctoral dissertations. Today, she is responsible for all ongoing research projects at the LSI, for which she has raised around €3.2 million over the last ten years.

For over 15 years, the topic of "Lakes in Climate Change" has been the focus of her research. From the very beginning, Uta Raeder has shown great commitment to the exchange with the scientific community by organizing lecture series and numerous scientific workshops and symposia at the Limnological Station Iffeldorf. Since the LSI was founded, Uta Raeder has been responsible for establishing and intensively maintaining an LSI alumni network. It is thanks to her personal commitment that the Limnological Station Iffeldorf enjoys a very high reputation internationally, nationally and regionally.

With the Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal, TUM honors individuals and groups who have rendered outstanding services to the university through outstanding commitment, innovative ideas and valuable suggestions. The award is named after the founding director of the Royal Bavarian Polytechnic School in Munich, the forerunner of today's university. It has been awarded since 1997. Further information on previous award winners.

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