For safety: maintenance pruning on the Weihenstephan poplar avenue

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Trees provide us with shade, produce oxygen and are very important for a healthy urban climate. However, they can also pose dangers if they are located in public traffic areas, are poorly maintained or become old and rotten. Property owners are responsible for healthy and well-maintained trees. On behalf of the University of Munich (TUM), specialists are therefore carrying out extensive care measures in Weihenstephan starting today, Monday, January 23, 2023. In this way, the trees will remain safe for traffic, which means that they will pose hardly any danger in the future, such as from fallen branches or uprooted trees.

The old poplar avenue has characterized the Weihenstephan campus for centuries (Photo: Dr. Häberle/TUM).
The trees provide shelter and protection for many animals (Image: Dr. Häberle/TUM).

After a detailed assessment and with the prior involvement of the Freising Lower Nature Conservation Authority, extensive maintenance measures will be carried out on the poplar trees at the Weihenstephan campus starting today, Monday, January 23, 2023. According to the experts, the trees, some of which are very old, are currently barely able to withstand a major wind load and need to be pruned.

The section of road where pruning and felling work will take place in the next few days runs from the north side in a straight line up Weihenstephaner Berg. The avenue of poplars begins south of Vöttingerstraße opposite the junction with Am Staudengarten.

The trees, some of which are very old, can no longer withstand a major wind load. "With the help of several expert reports, we have determined the residual wall thicknesses of the trees and calculated how far the trees need to be cut back to restore their stability," explains Robert Tafertshofer, who is responsible for the traffic safety of the trees at the TUM School of Life Sciences. Some of the maintenance cuts are severe: trees have to be shortened by up to 9 cm to minimize the risk of accidents.

Species and nature conservation is a major concern of the Technical University of Munich. Since the poplar avenue is home to many animals, the extensive tree care work is now being implemented in the brood-free winter season. In addition, measures for species protection are already planned: "In order to preserve breeding and habitat for animals, we will hang nesting aids for birds and also bat boxes," Tafertshofer promises.

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