Agricultural Sciences – a Degree for the Future

Food security while conserving the natural basis for life is a global issue of utmost importance. Agricultural sciences at TUM aim to make a decisive contribution to this. Our degree focusses on the training of students, who can understand and deepen the scientific foundations of sustainable agriculture.

We cultivate a new generation of agricultural scientists who will drive the innovation of agricultural systems that are able to adapt to societal and ecological demands. Our graduates have the ability to change agriculture as we know it. They develop and manage both technological and economical advancements – from crop and livestock genetics under modern standards to agricultural politics and consumer acceptance. 

New degree program for winter semester 2024/25


AgriFood Economics, Policy and Regulation M.Sc.

Europe-wide unique combination of agricultural sciences, politics, and economics for future international agricultural and food sector specialists. To the curriculum

About the international Master program

Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences B.Sc.

Training of specialists for the agricultural sector with expertise in sustainable development of food and agricultural resources. To the curriculum

About the Bachelor program

Agrosystem Sciences M.Sc.

Developing experts in agricultural production systems, the interplay between soil, crops, livestock, technology, environment and society. To the curriculum

About the Master program

Agricultural Biosciences M.Sc.

Training agricultural bioscientists with extensive knowledge of molecular, biochemical, and physiological processes of agricultural. To the curriculum

About the international Master program

Bachelor students stories

After the bachelor, I have every opportunity

“Agricultural sciences is the perfect base degree to learn about many different disciplines. From biology, chemistry, physics to digital agriculture. After the bachelor, I have every opportunity either specialize or to continue studying the interplay between crops, soil, and livestock.“

Experience agriculture live worldwide

"I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to further my education abroad. Studying at TUM allowed me to experience live agriculture from across the world, ranging from tropical Central America to Siberia."

Master students impressions

Bringing innovations in the crop and livestock agribusiness

"The program helps students to gain experience in agro-biotechnology and genetic engineering in order to bring innovations in the crop and livestock agribusiness."

Certificate program for the further education of experts and leaders from the "Agri-Business".

  • Deep understanding of smart farming technologies and the digital transformation of agriculture
  • Combining current research findings and the latest practical insights

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Career Paths of our Alumni

Managing Director of Bavarian Young Farmers Association

"Through the access to agricultural, political and economic topics, the study program covers a broad range of topics - perfect for approaching my diverse tasks in management in a structured and knowledgeable way. In addition, as a graduate, you benefit throughout your life from the wide-ranging network of TUM."

Regional Manager of Animal Feeding

"Due to the broad scope of the degree program, I was able to gain many insights and specialized in the modules in the animal field after the basic studies. Through various excursions my practical experience was furthered. The close interconnection of companies and the university made it possible for me to write a practice-oriented final thesis in the field of calf feeding."

Editor of an Agricultural Journal

"Studying agricultural sciences at Weihenstephan is the ideal basis for my work as an editor of a trade journal at a major agricultural publishing firm. Practical experience combined with scientific approaches - the perfect mix."

Director of Smart Farming

"My studies in agricultural sciences and agricultural management at Weihenstephan prepared me to approach new tasks and challenges in a structured and open manner and to perform well during stressful situations. In my day-to-day work, the very broad technical knowledge regarding all processes and areas of agriculture from my studies is of great help."

Farmer and Environmental Advisor

"The Master's in Agricultural Systems Science allows me to have a varied and exciting working day throughout. I was perfectly and thoroughly prepared for the work and the takeover of my parents' farm. At the same time, the Master of Science offers many opportunities for me to other, versatile professions. As an environmental advisor in the diocese of Passau, I can raise people's awareness regarding environmental protection, climate change, and agriculture."

Research Assistant in the field of Vertical Farming

"TUM combines interdisciplinary research with innovative topics and offers the possibility to build up an individual profile with its modern ecosystem. I was able to take advantage of these opportunities during my agricultural studies and they continue to inspire me today in the field of Vertical Farming, where I work as a research assistant and doctoral student at the Chair of Digital Agriculture."

Campus Weihenstephan – Best Premises for Outstanding Agricultural Research & Teaching

Close Collaboration with Leading Agricultural Research Units

TUM Agricultural Sciences in Rankings

Ranking Placement in Germany Worldwide Placement
The World University Rankings by Subject 2024 Rank 1 Rank 33
Shanghai Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023 Rank 2 -
QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 Rank 3 Rank 33