What is the Aptitude Recommendation (SOV) for bachelor’s degree applicants?

In order to support prospective students in their choice of studies, we carry out the Aptitude Recommendation, or the German abbreviation SOV, for the Life Sciences Biology Bachelor’s program. This process allows you to better judge for yourself whether the degree program is the right choice for you.

After sending the online application, you will automatically receive a list of documents that still need to be uploaded in due time. For the Life Sciences Biology Bachelor's program these are:

  • A complete tabular CV
  • The university entrance qualification
  • A statement of up to two pages explaining the applicant’s reasons for choosing the Life Sciences Biology program at the TUM, describing the applicant’s abilities, talents and interests that make them particularly suitable for the intended degree program; their general personal background can also contribute to this, e.g. extracurricular activities
  • An assurance that this statement justifying the choice of degree program was prepared independently without outside help and that thoughts taken from outside sources are marked as such
  • Where appropriate, additional specialist qualifications, such as participation in a research competition, program-specific vocational training or voluntary work placements

First of all, your general higher education entrance qualification and subject-specific individual grades are evaluated using a point system. Which grades are used and to what extent they are weighted can be found in the statutes of the Life Sciences Biology program’s SOV. The formula is also given there. Depending on the number of points achieved, applicants are either instantly offered admission or are directly invited by the school to an approx. 20-minute mandatory interview. The interview’s purpose is to determine whether the applicant can be expected to successfully complete the planned study program. There is no written test.
The result of the interview determines whether the applicant is recommended for the relevant degree program. Applicants will receive confirmation of participation with the result of the Aptitude Recommendation. However, admission to the study program is not dependent on this.

Further information can be found in the statute on the SOV for the Life Sciences Biology Bachelor’s program.